Feb 15

Cardistry-Con 2015 needs your support!

Live-streaming passes and more available here

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything new to this blog, but this project means a lot to me and so I feel that it needs all the attention that it can get.

For the past couple of months, The Virts and I have been working closely with some of the biggest names in cardistry — Dan and Dave, Zach Mueller, and Dealersgrip — to organize Cardistry-Con, which is an event where cardists from all over the world can gather together to share ideas and collaborate in creating amazing cardistry together.

It’s a monumental step forward for the art, and our vision for this year’s event is far beyond anything we’ve ever done before. We’ve got cardists from all across the globe coming to headline the conference, three jam-packed days of cardistry events, and we’re even live-streaming this year’s Cardistry-Con so that anyone with an online pass can tune in and watch and interact with all of their favorite cardists.

Of course, setting up an event like this requires a fair amount of resources, which is why we’re using crowdfunding as an outlet where people from the community can contribute towards making this year’s Cardistry-Con as special and amazing as possible.

I’m really honored and excited to be a part of this piece of history in the making, and I can’t wait for you to be a part of it too. So if you haven’t yet, please pledge to our campaign and help make Cardistry-Con 2015 an experience that’ll be talked about for years to come!

Make your pledge today: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cardistry-con-2015/


Mar 13

March Giveaway: And the Winner is…

Congratulations, James from Joker and the Thief: you’ve just won an Aladdin deck, a Chinatown deck, and a free copy of Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian!

I’ve been receiving a huge influx of great comments ever since I started with the new blogging format this month, and in fact it was hard to just choose one winner amongst so many great contributors.

That being said, if you read James’ comment from the Magic? No. Magical? Hell Yes. post below, it’s pretty clear why I chose it:

Nice post, Kev.

I think the way flourishing is used is important. My first point would have to be directly related to magic. I recently heard Zach Mueller speak about how he is not JUST a Cardist and not JUST a magician. He explained that he created more magic effects after practicing Cardistry than he had beforehand. The reason being is that flourishing provides many different techniques when it comes to manueveing playing cards. This influenced Zach’s magic because it opened the doors for new opportunities when creating. He took magic and infused Cardistry with it to influence his magic.

Cardistry has an air of artistic creativity and impossibility that really makes the art form eye candy. On top of that, not many people do it. I, personally, used to perform magic (I still do a bit here and there) however when I saw some basic flourishes in the Royal Road I fell in love with them. I know people love to watch magic and it is VERY fun to perform but I always had felt that flourishing was more visual and my skill could really be shown off, recognised and appreciated. Magic has the ‘wow’ factor but the audience doesn’t know just how much practice, devotion and practice is put into it. I’m now delving into a deeper subject and I prefer to leave this can if worms closed.

I think flourishing can have many uses where magic cannot. Quickly displaying what you do to people in impromptu situations is just one of many. Another example is that we are doing live Cardistry on stage at a musical. The thing is, magic would not suit for that particular situation, so we are doing cardistry which will be projected via a live feed on screens. To the viewers even though it is NOT magic it is still considered magical, as mentioned in the blog. The audience RECOGNISES what you are doing is in fact NOT magic at all, however it appears to be magical in their eyes due to the fact that something completely new, unheard of and seemingly impossible movements are being created right in front of them.

So is there a link between Magic and Cardistry? There very well could be… “Magic? No. Magical? Hell yes.” Just my substantially large two cents worth.

- James

Joker and the Thief

Combining well thought-out insights and observations, relevant anecdotes that provided clear examples for he was talking about, as well as the ability to tie everything together at the end, this is the best comment I’ve received all month.

It definitely sets the bar high for the winner of next month’s comments giveaway contest, the details of which will be announced next week.

And James, if you’re reading this, be sure to check your e-mail inbox: you’ve got a message waiting for you :)

Mar 13

See You Next Tuesday!

Hey guys! If you’ve noticed the lack of posts over the past few days, it’s because I’ve been busy preparing for tonight’s session with The Virts in Kuching, Malaysia:

Our flight leaves in less than three hours, so I’m literally getting dressed and eating breakfast as I’m writing this. Still, I wanted to let you guys know that while this blog has been inactive for a couple days and will continue to be for a couple more, posting will resume on Tuesday, the 26th of March.

We’ll be taking plenty of photos of the session, so those will be posted on here as soon as we get back.

Till then, remember that you can still win two decks and a free copy of Pop Fly by leaving a comment anywhere on this site, and don’t forget to like the new Sybil Disobedience Facebook page as well :)

See you guys in a few days’ time — I’m off to the airport!

Mar 13

Talk QWERTY to Me

This is one of those things that’s either going to be forgotten about in two months, or become an absolute game-changer in technology. Regardless, I think it’s a really cool concept, so check it out if you have two minutes and don’t mind incredibly thick Canadian accents:

What’s Worth Stealing

What’s really inspiring to me about this video, asides from its technological implications, is how the creators of Minuum were able to come up with their awesome concept by doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing.

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Mar 13

Doin’ It Right #4 – Uncut reshot by Jonas Haglund

Continuing last week’s theme of uncut flourishing videos, here’s a wonderful 30-second routine by the incredibly talented and creative Jonas Haglund:

Whereas Andrei’s video last week was an uncut video in the sense that there were no edits between the takes, Jonas’ video rings more true in the purest sense of the term, with each move and combo sequencing seamlessly into the next.

Now, normally I have a huge list of things to highlight, but in the spirit of this video I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Here’s what to look out for: transitioning, variety, smoothness, and speed (not to be confused with quickness, of course).

The rest is just practice :)

What was you favorite part of Jonas’ video? Tell us in the comments below!

Mar 13

Put It to Use

Photo by CBJ

Sure looks pretty, doesn’t it? Pity it isn’t mine.

I found the image above on Google Images after doing a quick search for ‘playing card collection’. As many of you who’ve been around for long enough will know, it’s not the only one of its kind. Hundreds and hundreds and card flourishers also moonlight as card collectors, spending their free time building a Great Wall of China (well, Kentucky now) in their bedrooms made of unopened, multi-colored goodness.

I’m not one of them.

You see, I’m not much of a collector myself. With the exception of two decks of Jerry’s Nuggets that I was given as a gift seven years ago, every single deck I’ve gotten my hands on has had its seal broken, been opened, and been used for either magic or card flourishing purposes. If you find any unopened decks in my house, it’ll be because they’re on my soon-to-be-broken-in list, not because I intend to put them on display in a glass case for all to see.

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Mar 13

March Giveaway Featured Artist: Bizau Cristian

Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian

As part of this month’s comments giveaway initiative, I wanted the winner to have something new to practice with the two decks he’s receiving. So with last week’s magical flourishing topic in mind, I enlisted the help of my friend and fellow magician/flourisher Bizau Cristian, who has offered to send a free digital copy of his download Pop Fly to the reader with the best comment.

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